Ep. 185 Lessons in Fatherhood with Andrew St. John


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In today’s episode, Sarah is joined by her husband, Andrew as they reflect on the past 8 weeks of parenthood together. Last week, you heard Sarah’s birth story and this week you will get Andrew’s perspective. He shares about the streams of emotion that led to the river of helplessness, the beautiful experience of holding his daughter for the first time, and how watching Sarah step into the role of Mother has left his heart forever changed. This is bound to make you tear up so grab some tissues, and take a glimpse into the love-centered family of Sarah, Andrew, and their baby girl, Emersyn.

In this episode of The Uncensored Empath:

  • Andrew's three words to describe their daughter's birth from his perspective
  • Andrew recalls his first moments as a Father
  • What surprised him about the birthing and postpartum experience
  • Reflections on how his identity has shifted since becoming a Father

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