Ep. 193 How Trauma is Connected to Mediumship with Sarah Renee


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In today’s episode, Sarah is joined by the Founder and CEO of Sarah Renee Inc. Sharah has been given the gift from God to connect with the other side. She brings through messages from people’s loved ones in the afterlife, as well as from the Angels and Guides so that others can experience a profound and deeply healing connection with Spirit. She offers private and group sessions, as well as a one-of-a-kind spiritual advisement and mentorship, online classes, guided meditations, and more. Sarah is also the best-selling author of The Blessings book and the co-author of, The Better Business Book Vol 3. She has channeled celebrity and high profile readings for women like Julianne Wainstein from Real Housewives of New York and Serena Dyer, best-selling author and daughter of Wayne Dyer, Saje Dyer and is featured in their new book, The Knowing. It is rare to receive a glimpse into a medium’s unique process but Sarah freely shares her journey, provides tips for you to connect with loved ones, and powerful ways to manage your energy in this conversation.

In this episode of The Uncensored Empath:

  • How Sarah discovered she was a medium
  • How trauma, chronic illness, and addiction are related to mediumship abilities
  • How to connect to your loved ones on the other side
  • Sarah's top tips for energy management as an empath

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