98 - Getting to know The Graph and eGirl Capital with Eva Beylin at the Graph Foundation


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In this episode of The Unstoppable Podcast, we speak with Eva Beylin, Director of The Graph Foundation. She explains how she got into crypto, what led her to Ethereum and The Graph Foundation, what The Graph does and is doing, and what she sees the Foundation doing in the near and medium term. We also chat with Eva about eGirl Capital, of which she is a founding member.

Eva speaks about her path into crypto after business school and management consulting for financial services companies. She sees that technology in its current form tends towards monopolization — and crypto is a cure for that. She knows that there are great financial rewards in crypto but is more philosophically involved: she likes the idea of decentralizing power and encouraging more people to participate.

Eva also speaks about what The Graph is (“the Google of blockchain,” she says), what its stakeholders are and their roles, and the importance of attracting non-technical people to the project as a whole.

In her role at The Graph Foundation, Eva is tasked with growing the ecosystem through grants and governance. She also shares the type of governance currently in use for the Foundation and how that relates to the way The Graph started: a hosted service, not a decentralized network, allowing for a lot of feedback as well as for devs to get used to the technology.

We finish by talking about eGirl Capital, one of Eva’s passion projects, of which she is a founding member. It’s a personal outgrowth of what she’s doing at The Graph Foundation, encouraging and curating good projects, but by putting her own skin in the game.


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