EP94 – Natural Fiber Composites for Wind – with Greenboats’ Friedrich Deimann and Jan Paul Schirmer


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Greenboats founder and CEO Friedrich Deimann and Co-managing Director Jan Paul Schirmer joined us to talk about their natural fiber composites and how they have been used in the wind industry to increase sustainability and recyclability, while reducing CO2 emissions. We also discuss news about Dogger Bank wind farm, Ming Yang's plans for a UK factory, and the right to disconnect for employees. Connect with Greenboats here, Friedrich on Linkedin or Jan Paul on Linkedin. Sign up now for Uptime Tech News, our weekly email update on all things wind technology. This episode is sponsored by Weather Guard Lightning tech. Learn more about Weather Guard's StrikeTape Wind Turbine LPS retrofit. Follow the show on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and visit Weather Guard on the web. And subscribe to Rosemary Barnes' YouTube channel here. Have a question we can answer on the show? Email us! Transcript EP94- Natural Fiber Composites for Wind - With Greenboats' Friedrich Deimann and Jan Paul Schirmer this episode is brought to you by weatherguard lightning tech at weatherguard we make lightning protection easy if your wind turbines are due for maintenance or repairs install our striketape retrofit lps upgrade at the same time a strike tape installation is the quick easy solution that provides a dramatic long lasting boost to the factory lightning protection system forward-thinking wind site owners install strike tape today to increase uptime tomorrow learn more in the show notes of today's podcast welcome back i'm dan Blewett i'm Allen hall and i'm rosemary barnes and this is the uptime podcast bringing you the latest in wind energy tech news and policy all right welcome back to the uptime wind energy podcast i'm your co-host dan blewett on today's show number one we've got uh two friends of uptime uh we have Friedrich Deimann from Greenboats he's the CEO and founder and we also have co-managing director from Greenboats and Jan Paul Schirmer they're going to be joining us to talk about their sustainable natural fiber composites you know they've been using them on nacelles and more of their interesting innovative composite work is making its way into the wind industry so we're going to talk to them about what they're doing and some of the innovations and how they've gotten to this point and where they're going before that we'll talk about shell they're buying power from the dogger bank wind farm we'll talk about some interesting um research done by ori catapult about mooring and anchoring systems for offshore wind after our interview we'll talk through the uk's plans for a giant battery which is going to help to manage your uh to manage offshore wind energy we'll talk about ming yang's new factory that looks like it's been approved for the uk and lastly we'll talk about a little bit just general employment stuff which is the the idea of the legal right to disconnect and how that can affect employee employer relationships mental health and all that stuff which is pretty applicable to this market and many others so before we get going be sure to subscribe to uptime tech news which you'll find in the show notes of the today's podcast as well as rosemary's youtube channel and again she's doing live streams every other week and has tons of new content on the regular about wind energy renewables all that great stuff so be sure to subscribe to both you'll find them in the show notes below so first let's talk about uh this dogger bank wind farm so dogger bank c is they've just entered into a 15-year power purchase agreement with shell and that's going to be for 240 megawatts in this final phase of the wind farm so obviously we talked a bunch about fossil fuel companies uh getting involved with wind energy alan is this sort of more the same for michelle or is this uh is this like a new pivot for them or what should we expect from this uh power purchase agreement well shell is going to continue to to expand into renewables and th...

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