22. That time I wanted to quit: from self-doubt to self trust


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What if you dreamed so big it scared you?

I ask this question in this unscripted episode of The Vibrant Introvert. I veer from the typical format to bring you my own story as an introverted entrepreneur.

This episode describes my roller coaster experience of going from self-doubt to self-trust.

This episode is different too...there is no editing. It is raw. It's vulnerable. In this way I am practicing the work of showing up unapologetically authentic and leaning into self-trust. In this way, I am also stating my commitment to show up and do this work because it deeply matters to me.

My big message in this episode is that it's ok to doubt yourself. It is part of the process but it is an important experience to have toward your biggest baddest desires.

As I share my most recent "low" on this roller coaster journey, I learn an important lesson and it's this: I am willing to recognize that I need help and am no longer willing to do this journey alone. I have deep desires and I'm no longer willing to wait for it.

Perhaps you can relate?

If that is the case, reach out. I am a coach that empowers fellow professional introverts who experience self-doubt and social anxiety to show up, be authentically present, and to take vital action in their lives. Why vital action? Because it makes you feel ALIVE. It brings vitality to your life and you want that vitality right NOW.

Contact me at my website to book a free 30-min discovery call at actinspiredbehavior.com

DM me on Instagram @actinspired behavior


In this episode I also share some upcoming stories and podcast episodes. I hope you join me as we hear from a variety of Vibrant Introverts: from authors, to social justice advocates, to teachers to mental health therapists...we have stories to share of transformation and change. Stay tuned!

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