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In Virginia, October is such a beautiful and exciting time of the year. It brings the beautiful colors of nature, mountain views, pleasant temperatures, and so many things to do and see -- especially with local food and beverages. Virginia wine is always a great addition to extraordinary meals, special occasions, and family gatherings.

This October, we are celebrating Virginia Wine Month with Anna Pendleton, Marketing Manager at the Virginia Wine Board marketing office. Just like any other business, the wine industry has been affected by the pandemic and the industry is constantly shifting, as the virus impacts local wineries. Anna shares with us how the Virginia Wine Board helped farm wineries manage pivots to be more successful amidst the pandemic, promoting virtual experiences with wineries and consumers, and how e-commerce has greatly helped farm wineries reach more people and businesses.

We also discuss where Virginia Wine Month originated, what it means, why it matters, the vision and purpose of the Virginia winery organization, and so much more.

If you own a business that is related to the wine industry or sells food that goes well with wine, then Virginia Wine Month and the newly launched Harvest Party campaign are two marketing tools you may leverage. Tune in to hear from Anna Pendleton, and learn about all the great things Virginia Wine has to offer.

Virginia Foodie Essentials:

  • A lot of our efforts shifted to that digital space so that we could promote and just share that information and educate our consumers how they could still get Virginia Wine on their table, and then their glasses. - Anna Pendleton
  • Our buying power benefits multiple small businesses across the state and gets to pull the industry together as a whole and represent Virginia as a region. - Anna Pendleton

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Fall in Virginia is a beautiful time of the year
  • The Virginia Wine Board
  • Promoting the Virginia Wine Industry
  • History of Virginia Wine Month
  • Harvest party is the month of October
  • Impact of the pandemic in the wine industry
  • Features of the Virginia Wine website
  • Virginia Winery Guide for farm wineries

Other Resources Mentioned:

More about the Guest:

Anna Pendleton is a Marketing Manager at Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office. Their office is funded by the Virginia Wine Board, which was established in 2007 by the general assembly. The Wine Board’s goal is to promote and bring awareness to the entire Virginia wine industry, which has over 300 wineries as of today.

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