Understanding Family Karma & Harmonising Complex Family Dynamics | Jonni Pollard #070


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Karma कर्म, a concept often misunderstood by most, is commonly translated as "action that binds", and it is basically any action that is determining our direction or pathway in life.
When it comes to those we call our family, our karma acts as the underlying universal intelligence that bound us to these people.
Understanding this concept, how to transcend and work through our already existing karma and how to avoid creating more of it, is a fundamental aspect of the path towards liberation or moksha, as called in the Vedic sciences.
In this episode we not only dive into the concept of karma, but also explore how it intertwines with our familial relationships and how one can work through one's karma to reap the benefits of a frictionless life (kriya क्रिया).

🌿 An Introduction to the concept of karma
🌿 Karma and dharma
🌿 An introduction to family karma
🌿 Managing difficult family relationships
🌿 Broken families
🌿 The current global state of affairs & its impact on family relationships and friendships
🌿 Nature's divine arrangement of a global pandemic
🌿 Relatives that are in the very end stages of life
🌿 Karma and reincarnation
ABOUT OUR GUEST: Jonni Pollard
Jonni Pollard, program founder and head teacher of 1 Giant Mind, is a world-renowned meditation teacher who has studied how to unfold human potential for over 20 years under great masters in the East and West.

His programs, including 1 Giant Mind’s Learn Meditation app, have taught more than 250,000 people how to meditate.

Jonni is at the forefront of authenticity in the meditation teacher landscape, making practical translations of ancient teachings for a modern lifestyle.

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