Asia-Pacific round-up, night-vision market and Wiesel replacement


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In this episode of The Weekly Defence Podcast, we report on news from the US, Germany and the Asia-Pacific region, and we also hear from Theon Sensors about the night vision market.

Newsround [00:39]

Aeralis has added two key partners to its integrated design team as the company works towards finalising the design before the aircraft's first flight in 2024.

UK-based Inzpire has added three new simulators to be unveiled at this year's DSEI event.

The US Army drives on with new programmes for long-range precision fires, with two of them expected to reach fruition in the next couple of years.

In focus

The team looks at the military training and land domains this week.

Military Training Editor Trevor Nash looks at one of the most recent US Army training exercises. The WAREX was a major live exercise conducted at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, to teach soldiers how to cope with low-cost drones on the battlefield.

Senior Land Reporter Tim Fish discusses Germany’s progress on the LuWa vehicle programme. A new system demonstrator (GDS) unveiled in June 2021 suggests that some progress has been made to replace the country’s family of Wiesel vehicles.
Deep Dive- News from the Asia Pacific [27:17]

Asia-Pacific Editor Gordon Arthur highlights some of the main headlines from his region in the past thirty days.

Top stories include the Indian Navy’s recent Rfl for four LPDs; An agreement between Pakistan and Turkey on the Anka UAV; and New Zealand’s efforts to improve its EW capability.

Interview- Theon Sensors [47:19]

Ben Vogel speaks Christian Hadjiminas, CEO of Theon Sensors and President of EFA Group, about the market for night vision systems and likely future technological trends in this sector.

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