Turkish F-16s and USVs, plus AESA technology


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In this episode of The Weekly Defence Podcast, we look at the potential Turkish procurement of F-16 aircraft, a new Turkish USV to be showcased to NATO, and we speak to Raytheon Intelligence and Space about their new AESA radar technology.

Newsround [01:05]

Pearson Engineering showcased its Modular Mission Pack at AUSA with a set of palletised tools for unmanned platforms.

South Korea-headquartered Hanwha Defense has shown interest in teaming up with US suppliers to access DoD procurement programmes.

Following a development contract between NATO procurement organisation OCCAR and Germany’s Boxer ARTEC industrial consortium, a new variant of the 8x8 Boxer armoured personnel carrier is being developed to provide a Joint Fire Support Team heavy capability.

Singapore’s Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) has signed an MoU with Ghost Robotics to research and develop new technologies relating to legged robots for Singapore Armed Forces requirements.

The Norwegian government has released its defence budget for FY2022 which amounts to NOK69 billion ($8.3 billion).

The document highlights a 6.6% increase in FY2022, resulting in an additional NOK4.3 billion for the defence sector.

In focus

AIR [06:26]

Air Editor Tim Martin reports on new documents that link Turkey with an order of new F-16 aircraft from the US. Given previous sanctions imposed on the F-35 deal, Tim looks at the possible scenarios that Turkey could face in the future. What options does the country have to fill the gap left by the F-35 deal cancellation?

NAVAL [17:13]

News Editor Ben Vogel discusses a story from contributor Tayfun Özberk, who reports that Ares and Meteksan plan to show the Ulaq uncrewed surface vessel at the NATO Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative event in Germany next month. Although the indigenously built USV is still to enter full-rate production and hit the domestic market, it seems Turkey wants to start paving the way to find potential international export opportunities within NATO.

LAND [21:22]

Land Reporter Flavia Camargos Pereira discusses one of the capabilities Raytheon displayed last week at AUSA 2021.
The company showcased one of its High-Energy Laser Weapon System (HELWS) variants.

Flavia notes that under recent contract agreements signed with both the US and the UK, Raytheon will provide HELWS variants to be mounted on Stryker combat vehicles and Cougar 6x6 land vehicles.

Interview – Raytheon Intelligence & Space [27:33]

Tim Martin speaks to Eric Ditmars, VP of Secure Sensor Solutions at Raytheon Intelligence & Space to look at the company’s recent launch of an affordable, lightweight, and compact AESA radar.

Noemi Distefano produced this episode with music and sound mixing by Fred Prest.

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