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This week I sit down for a quick chat with Dr. Melanie Barham. We discuss her journey to creating The DVM Project and her more recent co-creation of The Global Veterinary Career Summit. Dr. Barham gives us the ultimate motivatation to think outside of the veterinary practice box!
Dr. Barham's Bio!
Melanie is a veterinarian, Project Management Professional, and MBA candidate in Sustainable Commerce. She completed a large research study in 2020 of over 1000 veterinarians worldwide on their career paths, and has completed over 40 qualitative interviews with veterinarians about their career paths, making her uniquely positioned to deeply understand the opportunities available in vet med and how to achieve success. An engaging career consultant, instructor, and facilitator, Melanie has helped hundreds of veterinarians find their best path in veterinary medicine, land bigger roles and raises, and more recently, she has helped small business owners with the addition of MBA skills to her toolkit. She is currently working on certification as a Neurolinguistic Practitioner and as a Coach. Her full LinkedIn profile can be accessed here.

Melanie grew up outside of Ottawa, Canada on a farm with multiple animals. After veterinary college, Melanie practiced in the US and Canada as an equine veterinarian on performance horses. In 2014, Melanie left clinical practice to coordinate and build the Ontario Animal Health Network, an innovative, relationship based approach to surveillance and communication. She also instructs at the Ontario Agricultural College in the Bachelor of BioResource Management Program. She started the DVM Project in 2017 to help fellow veterinarians explore the options available and how to get there, along with a Facebook Community to discuss career growth. She is the past president and conference chair of the Canadian Animal Health Laboratorian’s Network, Ontario Association of Equine Practitioners, and past chair of the Equestrian Canada National Health and Welfare Committee. In her spare time, she has a beekeeping yard with her partner Tim, enjoys riding horses, and spending time outside with her two children.

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