TPC 205: “Shiva's Ring, Part Two”, by Aaron Vlek


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Shiva's Ring, Part Two
Still working undercover at the mining camp, Frank meets another young miner with a story to tell. This time, it's a young man who has a bit of the same gift Frank has.
While some secrets are revealed, the mystery deepens until Frank is forced to tangle with a power that has him using all his tools and tricks.
Author: Aaron Vlek | Editor: Daniel Foytik | Copy Editor: Scarlett R. Algee
Cast: Frank Enfield, Carter Hatchinson - Graham Rowat | The Librarian - Nelson W. Pyles | Einer Bjornson, Cookie - Daniel Foytik
Music and Score: – Nico Vettese (
Producer / Showrunner: Daniel Foytik | Executive Producers: Aaron Vlek, Nico Vettese, Nelson W. Pyles
9th Story Studios:
“The Private Collector Theme” and Episode Score – Nico Vettese (
The Private Collector was created by Aaron Vlek and Daniel Foytik, based on the character “The Librarian” created by Nelson W. Pyles.
© 2018-2020, 9th Story Studios, All Rights Reserved
Production Music
"The Private Collector Theme"
Nico Vettese of We Talk of Dreams
Audio Recording
Final mix by Daniel Foytik, 9th Story Studios:
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