SECRET SPACE PROGRAM pt. 3 | ft. Jason Reza Jorjani, Richard Dolan, Catherine Austin Fitts, Joseph P. Farrell


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This is the audio version of Part 3 of a three-part documentary "mixtape" series titled SECRET SPACE PROGRAM. This docu-series is itself part of a longer series on the grand topic "The State of the World". More info on that series can be found on my YouTube channel and on my website,
Specifically, I created this series, SECRET SPACE PROGRAM, as the third act of a trilogy, of which the docu-series THE DEEP STATE is Act 1 and MR. GLOBAL is Act 2 (both available on my YouTube channel). Together, these three series lay out a comprehensive analysis of what is happening in the world from a big-picture geopolitical and sociological perspective.
Thanks for watching. If you're interested in more, check out my lectures on esoteric philosophy - they tie in with this material and convey more of my own personal thoughts on these matters.
Citations for all clips used is presented at the end of Part 3 (video version). Links below. - Alex
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