THE DEEP STATE pt. 2 | ft. Antony Sutton, James Corbett, Michael Ruppert, John Perkins


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I put together this 3-part documentary "mixtape" on the "Deep State" back in May in order to explain the fundamentals of the concept. The video version is available on my YouTube channel. This is a precursor to the "Secret Space Program" series that I've already posted on the podcast (check the archives). Together, these represent a powerful thesis on how the underlying structure of global governance actually functions. In the coming months I'm going to be revisiting the themes of both those documentaries and I'm going to attempt to offer an overarching vision of how these concepts link with current global events.
YouTube link:
Here's the original write-up from the YouTube posting:
This is a documentary "mixtape" that I compiled from various sources. It is Part One of a three-part series. The full credits/citations list for all three parts are presented at the end of Part Three. Commentators and analysts cited in this project include:
- Peter Dale Scott
- Michael Hudson
- Chris Hedges
- Naomi Klein
- John Perkins
- Michael Hudson
- Catherine Austin Fitts
- Michael Ruppert
- James Corbett (The Corbett Report)
- Antony Sutton
- G. Edward Griffin
- Glenn Greenwald
- Louis Farrakhan
- Vandana Shiva
- Zbignew Brzezinski
The ideas conveyed here are ones I've been researching and thinking about for over a decade. Those core topics are: modern history, finance, capitalism, economics, foreign affairs, cartel networks, and, in general, the modern corporate face of the entity that was once called "the military industrial complex". I had originally planned on writing these ideas out as a book, but I've found that, through this documentary format, I can convey the core themes and ideas of these topics in a way that is much more likely to reach a wide audience.
I made this video mix purely for educational, informational, and motivational purposes - I'm not monitizing it and hope that people will share it freely as they see fit. Again, the credits for the videos cited are listed at the end of Part Three.
This documentary is part of a larger series that I'm making on the grand overarching topic of: "The State of the World". Some documentaries in this series are still forthcoming; some I've already made. You can find those and more (all available openly) by visiting my website
Stay tuned and thanks for watching. - Alex

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