2: Burning it at both ends: How prioritizing your sleep can help you recover from burnout with Dr. Michelle Peris, ND


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Isn’t it ironic that we can work ourselves into exhaustion that causes us to struggle to sleep?

But that’s exactly what can happen in burnout - and something we need to talk more about!

In this episode, I’m joined by one of my closest friends and incredible colleague, Dr. Michelle Peris. Dr. Michelle is on a mission to disrupt the healthcare model by creating connections and using community medicine. She is the creator of The Wild Collective, a transformational women’s health care program that as a facilitator, has also changed my life.

If you’re someone who finds the idea of taking a break or slowing down daunting or downright scary, you’ll want to listen up.

If you’re someone who is on the edge of burnout or who is already there - or who doesn’t want to go back - we get real in this conversation.

Michelle dishes all the details on her own experience with burnout shares her past sleep struggles and gives us a full breakdown of her amazing (but quirky!) sleep routine.

This conversation is one you will want to listen to right until the very end and I sincerely hope this episode leaves you feeling inspired and empowered in your healthcare journey. With that, I bring you, Dr. Michelle Peris…

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Connect with Dr. Michelle Peris on her IG @drmichelleperis https://www.instagram.com/drmichelleperis/ or through her website www.michelleperis.com; http://www.michelleperis.com

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