Covid Strikes Back (Robert Wright & Mickey Kaus)


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Mickey protests the sexualization of Bloggingheads ... The tribal response to Simone Biles' troubles ... Mickey: The left puts too much blame on unvaccinated Trumpers ... Bob campaigns for vaccine czar ... How should Biden talk about the Delta variant? ... Who can beat Trump in 2024? ... JD Vance really wants you to have kids ... Bob wants to get rid of the news ... Mickey: Sinema should sink the child tax credit ... Elon Musk's fantasy world ... Bob is hiring! ... Parrot Room preview: Into the metaverse, Mickey's theory on Gawker, Van Jones gets rich, Mickey's take on Bruce Springsteen and Jon Landau, how woke are the Olympics, sexism in trees, the joke Mickey told Jackie Mason, and a new report on a 2013 chemical weapons attack in Syria ...

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