#36 - Demi Lovato vs. Froyo, Zac Efron Plastic Surgery Rumors, Caitlyn Jenner Running For CA Governor


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Audrey is back (sort of; she’s in Palm Springs) and all feels right in the world again. Unless you’re Demi Lovato at a froyo shop....

First up: maybe the most bizarre story of 2021. Remember when Demi Lovato went to go get some froyo and ended up causing a whole ass battle between her and the Bigg Chill in L.A.? Yeah, us too. We unpack both sides of the story and dive into her Instagram live “apology” (08:58-24:32).

Next: if you’re on Twitter, you’ve definitely seen the pictures of Zac Efron looking slightly different. While it appears he may have had some work done, the bottom line is this: everyone needs to chill the hell out (24:35-36:52).

And finally, more news that we really didn’t need to hear this week: Caitlyn Jenner is officially running for California governor. Is this better or worse than Kanye running for president? (36:58-43:31).

Bonus: we also touch on Elon Musk hosting SNL and Jeff Wittek opening up about the accident involving David Dobrik that almost killed him. Let’s discuss!

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