#44 - ‘Bachelor’ Stars PPP Loan Backlash, Zendaya/Tom Holland Dating Rumors, Jamie Lynn Speaks


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While we’ve barely watched Katie’s season of The Bachelorette, the franchise always seems to come through with plenty of drama for us to unpack.

First up: we never thought we’d say “The Bachelor” and “PPP Loans” in the same sentence, but 2021 is full of surprises! Several former stars are explaining why they were approved for COVID-era loans that were specifically designated to keep businesses afloat during the pandemic. We’re honestly not shocked that Arie and Lauren are roped into this, but Tayshia?? (10:54-22:52)

Next: if you haven’t seen the kissing-in-the-car photos, close this app and run to see our Instagram stories (or Google, if you’re listening late). Tom Holland and Zendaya are sparking dating rumors after being photographed kissing in Tom’s car. From seeing their chemistry in Spiderman to Lip Sync Battle, say it with us: We. Are. Here. For. This (22:54-29:29).

Last, but not least: Jamie Lynn Spears finally spoke out on her Instagram stories about her sister’s battle to end her conservatorship and it was….sus, to say the least. We unpack her Instagram rant and talk about why we think everyone in Britney’s family is on the Wrong Side at this point (29:30-40:08). Let’s discuss!t

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