What is Yoga Nidra with Alina Calinescu


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Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation that offers many benefits and opportunities for self-exploration on so many levels. Alina Calinescu joins us on this episode of The Yoga Pro Podcast to answer some common questions you may have about Yoga Nidra.

Alina is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Trauma Informed & Pain Care Aware Teacher Trainer, Certified iRest Teacher and Registered Yoga Teacher with more than 11,000 hours of teaching experience and over 1,500 hours training.


-Alina’s yoga journey

-Why you should not dismiss “gym” yoga

-Alina explains the difference between yoga nidra and general meditation

-Manifestation in your meditation

-Ambition taking over our heart

-Fast forwarding to joy

-Finding contentment in times of sadness and stress

-Working with opposites and the effect on the nervous system

-Alina addresses whether or not it’s appropriate to go to sleep during nidra

-The importance of training for those offering yoga nidra

-Guiding the body scan with those who are missing limbs

-Embracing our shadow emotions

-When beliefs become stuck in certain body parts and what that means

-Caused and uncaused joy

-Benefits of yoga nidra

-Yoga nidra for sports training

-Learning to guide yourself through yoga nidra

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