Episode 126: You Got Questions? We Have Answers! with Hannah & Ali from the Let Us Eat Cake Podcast


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Dear Listener, Today, join me and my special guests, Hannah Robinson and Ali Eberhardt from the Let Us Eat Cake Podcast, for a conversation about emotional eating, nighttime snacking, and what to do when you’re feeling bored with eating. This episode is in Q&A format and I am so excited to share their insight on these topics with you 😊 Hannah and Ali are Registered Dietitians working in the Provincial Adult Tertiary Specialized Eating Disorders Program in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They also host the Let Us Eat Cake podcast, which is dedicated to ditching diet culture, addressing weight stigma, and busting nutrition myths that commonly arise in the media. They both practice with the non-diet approach and are strong believers in the Health At Every Size® philosophy. You can find them on Instagram (@eatcakepod) or by searching “Let Us Eat Cake” on all podcast streaming apps. Don’t forget to tap those five ⭐️ and subscribe if you enjoy today’s episode! And as always, thanks for listening. Yours Chewly with gratitude, Claire

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