Episode 130: Sometimes, Eating Just Has to be Functional


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Dear Listener, We know that finding satisfaction through our eating experiences is an important part of Intuitive Eating. However, is it really realistic to think that every eating experience has to be super satisfying? What happens when you need to eat something quickly during a five minute break at work? Or when you just have to make do with whatever food you have available in the moment? What about when you don't feel hungry but know your body still needs fuel? In this episode, I answer all of these questions. Sure, eating is meant to be pleasurable and satisfying...but sometimes it does just have to be functional. Can't wait to share more with you! If you find this episode (and anything else I share here on the pod) helpful, please tap those five stars ⭐️ and leave a review. Thank you for tuning in and supporting the show! Yours Chewly, Claire Oh and P.S. Don't miss our National Nutrition Month Webinar happening tomorrow night (3/25/21) from 6-7pm EST! "Take Back Your Plate: 3 Gentle Nutrition Strategies to Make Food Fun Again" 🙌 Link to register:https://event.webinarjam.com/register/8/k60pku4

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