Episode 132: "We Were On A Break!!!"


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Dear Listener, Please tell me you caught my Friends reference in the title of this episode...Ross would be proud! Even if you didn't catch my reference, I'm glad you're here. Today's episode is more of an announcement than anything else. I've decided to listen my own advice surrounding rest and take a brief break from the podcast. But don't worry, I'll be back soon! Look for the return of new episodes starting Wednesday, June 2nd 🎉 In the meantime, give this episode a listen to hear my recommendations on past episodes to check out as well as other ways that you can stay in touch with me to continue getting your weekly fix of IE information and support. I'll see you back here in June, my friend! Thank you for being here, supporting the show, and understanding the need for rest 😊 Yours Chewly, Claire Links: Our Free FB Community: https://clairechewning.com/community 1:1 Coaching Application: https://clairechewning.com/work-with-me IE Discovery Online Course: https://clairechewning.com/intuitive-eating-course Merchandise: https://clairechewning.com/shop

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