Episode 136: Swing Goes The Pendulum


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Dear Listener, In this episode, I'm sharing one of my favorite analogies of all time with you. I love using this analogy to explain the binge 👉 restrict cycle because it helps us understand that binges and/or moments when you feel out of control around food aren’t the result of a lack of “willpower.” Rather, they’re your body’s natural response to not getting enough fuel on a consistent basis! If you enjoy today's episode or anything else I share here on the pod, please take a moment to tap those five stars ⭐️ and leave a review. Your support helps more than you know. Thanks for *Chewning* in! Yours Chewly, Claire To learn more about the 1:1 work I do with clients, please visit: https://clairechewning.com/work-with-me To learn more about m self-paced, online Intuitive Eating Discovery Course, check out: https://clairechewning.com/intuitive-eating-course

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