Episode 140: Normalizing All Bodies in Nature with Ash Manning


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Dear Listener, Today, join me and the wonderful Ash Manning for a conversation about how getting outside and exploring can provide us the opportunity to reconnect with our bodies. Ash also offers some practical tips on how to start adventuring if you want to explore the outdoors more but are unsure of how to get started! Ash is a plus size explorer, hiker, backpacker, and river runner who is passionate about body inclusion, diversity, and equity in the outdoors. Her goal is to show the world that ALL bodies belong outdoors! If you’d like to learn more about Ash and her work, you can find her on IG @ashleysadventure or on her website at https://ashleysadventure.com. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to leave a five star rating + review if you enjoy today’s episode! ⭐️ Yours Chewly, Claire

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