Episode 92: COVID-19 and Food Safety with Amanda Cox


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Dear Listener, Join me and my long-time friend, Amanda Cox, for a conversation about COVID-19 and food safety! Amanda reached out to me a few weeks ago saying that many of her clients and friends were raising concerns about eating in our current climate. Questions like… “Do I need to take special precautions when I’m washing my fresh produce to make sure it’s safe for consumption?” and, “Are canned + frozen food options nutritious?” She suggested we schedule a time to talk about some of these concerns and record that conversation for the benefit of others. Thanks to her, you’re hearing all of our answers on the pod today! If you want to learn more about Amanda, you can email her at Acox.Wellnesscoach@gmail.com or find her on Instagram @Acox.WellnessCoach 🎉 Yours Chewly with gratitude, Claire

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