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Hey, y’all. I am Shay. This is the on air indie show. Welcome & enjoy. Episode 56. First, music history for June 22nd. In 1971 Joni Mitchell released her fourth studio album Blue. Music critics now regarded the album as one of the greatest albums of all time. In July 2017, NPR chose Blue as the greatest album of all time made by a woman. Today we welcome autism expert Dr. Lynette Louise. We also know her as “The Brain Broad”. She is an artist, an author, an academic, a brainiac and a healer. A fascinating guest whose work helps you to look at yourself and your world with renewed possibilities and understanding. We showcase her music on today’s show. Enjoy the show! tracks "Crazy to Sane" 11:06 "Unfinished" 221:57 "Biofeedback" 31:26 "Brainiac" 46:10 https://youtu.be/--EMsnVTNVM In this video Lynette is both the BRAINIAC and the MANIAC! She seeks to help herself by screaming at the part that loves to soak and sit in the pain and guilt. The MANIAC prefers to stay unhappy by staying focused on her shame and refusing to look at the parts of her life that make her feel in love with being alive. The BRAINIAC (or positive thinking part of herself) keeps trying to be heard. BRAINIAC is from the CD 'CRAZY to SANE' and is available on Amazon as well as CD baby. Enjoy this music video about being of two minds until you're not. https://youtu.be/qmYtJTqmSDc The Brain Broad, Lynette Louise explains, "In my life many romances came and went as people ran from my autistic children. My thanks to Annie Potts, Scott Lawrence, Shawn Reaves, Denise Crosby, Dar Shelton, Andy Allen, Ron Whitaker, James Vaughan, Jory Shelton, Tawd Dorenfeld for sharing your celebrity, your love and support! This song celebrates the fact that we're all beautiful and endlessly unfinished and if we look in our own backyard we just may find that we are already loved. Then we rewind out of our pain and rewrite the story we tell ourselves about the people in our world. "Unfinished" is a state of being." https://youtu.be/oY65LBqUNxc Years ago before I was The Brain Broad I was Lynette Louise looking for Johnny :) To accompany my first C.D. I made this claymation/live action music video. Even then I involved my children in my projects. I love family businesses. If you like the zaniness great. If not you may need your head checked https://youtu.be/wxX4q5pyobchttps://youtu.be/l0AbL_5UuQI Helping Children all over the world Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad specializes in autism and other family or concurrent conditions. In Uganda it was Autism and Seizures. In America Autism complicated by PANS and suicidal tendencies. In Israel Autism and sensory integration, speech delay, and depression filtered through the family members. EVERY episode is full of fun and learning and amazing children. To see the series go to The Autism Channel or go here Facebook Youtube Link Link Link Vimeo

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