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Hey, y’all. Shay here. On air indie. Welcome & enjoy. Episode 43. First, music history trivia for May 10th. They awarded the Ivor Novello Award in 1970 to David Bowie. It was for Best Original Song “Space Oddity”. He performed the song that night, accompanied by the Les Reed Orchestra. The event went live via satellite to venues in America, France, Spain, Australia, Holland and Venezuela. Bowie would later revisit his Major Tom character in the songs “Ashes to Ashes”, ‘Hallo Spaceboy”, and “Blackstar”. Joining our show today is singer-songwriter and producer Rivita. She lives in the United States, Los Angeles. We chat about her training and education. It spans from New York, Spain and London, United Kingdom. Rivita also gets real about life as an artist living in Los Angeles and New York City. You will enjoy the show. Tracks played tonight: "Someone Else's Arms", "Chocolate" and "Lonely With Someone"https://youtu.be/ZYWSqiu3dSY From the artist: Hello beautiful people! Here is my brand new music video “Chocolate”. The music video was filmed in a hotel room in Washington D.C. just days before the 2020 Corona Virus Lockdown. The room had beautiful dark red, brown and maroon dark textures, very similar to the vibe of the song and fitting perfectly with the Chocolatey vibe I was going for. https://youtu.be/t7Dhmmi68-0 From the artist: Hello world! Here is a brand new music video for my new song "Someone Else's Arms". This music video was filmed in Los Angeles at the Coast of San Pedro. While I wrote and produced this song, I could only put it in feelings as a "sense of drowning", this imagery then led the entire production, from the mix to how the artwork was made and what's more the song's abbreviated version is SEA. This location was perfect to capture my vision. When we got there, we decided to keep things relatively simple given how personal this song it to me and taking in account our relatively small set up. This song means the absolute world to me, read more about it on Rolling Stone, India. Facebook Twitter Youtube Spotify Soundcloud Instagram Link Previous Next

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