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Hey y'all. I am Shay. This is thebuzzr podcast. First, music history for July 20th.In 1940 Billboard's first comprehensive record chart was published. Their first number one song was "I'll Never Smile Again" by Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.Tonight we have U.S.-based artist The Meskimo on the show. He is putting out incredible music and the releases are outstanding! Enjoy getting to know this upcoming artist & find out what moves him and where he sees his path in the music coming out the remainder of this year. Enjoy the show! Tracks "There Should Be More Stars, I've Counted Them Twice" 9:07:28"The Brother McKenna Dropout" 19:27:12 has or has known someone that has had a hard time overcoming a dependence; substances, food, sex etc etc. Don’t ever give up on yourself or a loved one trying to better themselves! The fact you/they are wanting a change is monumental! Everybody needs help, be that positive light in someone’s life! If you are currently struggling with letting something go, focus on the person you want to be and not who you have been….YOU GOT THIS! We get by with a little help from our friends…new AND old! We are all living under the same sun & moon, let’s help each other out and make our time a more positive era to be in! Facebook Twitter Youtube Spotify Soundcloud Instagram Tiktok Link Previous Next

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