27. Reinhard Pirngruber: Babylonian astronomical diaries


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Reinhard reveals the wealth of information recorded in the so-called "astronomical diaries". The astronomical component was, and still is, a valuable resource. But there is so much more. The diaries document fascinating historical details, help us understand the Babylonian economy, and offer remarkable details about the ancient environment.
2:32 introduction to astronomical diaries
5:40 what do the diaries say?
10:37 who wrote them?
12:21 why were they written?
13:47 why are they important?
16:23 relation to other texts
19:19 what they tell us about the Babylonian economy
22:21 what they tell us about the environment
25:21 computer aided analysis
Reinhard's Academia page: https://oeaw.academia.edu/ReinhardPirngruber

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