Michael Barton Autistic Spoon Playing Physicist


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Michael works as an eCommerce Data Analyst within the central data team of Dennis Publishing, the largest automotive publisher in the UK.

Michael predominantly use SQL, BigQuery, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to better understand customer behaviour with an aim to optimise website experiences and functionality within all areas of the company. His focus on the award-winning BuyaCar.co.uk and collaborate with a much wider variety of brands. Michael has a strong interest in the automotive market with particular interest in EVs.

Michael has excellent presentation skills and is as comfortable in a highly technical environment as presenting to 500+ people as a keynote speaker at high level conferences across the UK and ROI.

Michael is also an author and illustrator with two books published and contributed to a number of others. He has given over 100 talks at conferences, workshops, AGMs, schools and colleges about my experiences of being at the high functioning end of the autism spectrum across the UK. Michael focuses on the positive aspects of being autistic, relating these traits to those scientists display, which gives people a more optimistic view of the future. He has educated and inspired thousands of people in the process.

Michael is an accomplished semi-professional musician playing with a variety of bands. Michael has a black belt (1st DAN) in Judo and was very involved with the University of Surrey Judo club, from founding it to becoming president. He is a keen rock climber and enjoy both skiing and snowboarding.




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