Episode 020: Building and Leading Effective Teams in Real Estate


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There is a great amount of value to be gained in the Real Estate industry being part of a team. Whether you are thinking of joining a team or if you’re looking to build a team around your business, there is opportunity to think outside the box and avoid some of the common mistakes made when considering what you need from your team and what your team might need from you.

— Building or Joining a Team —

A big reason we came into this business is the opportunity to build something for yourself and be your own boss. But that’s not to say that there isn’t value in being part of a team that can help you achieve the goal that you’ve set for yourself. If you’re just starting out, you might need to find people who can teach you the ropes of the trade and help you avoid easy mistakes, or to draw upon a veteran’s experience to solve those unique problems that pop up. Or, if you’re well established you might consider what it is that you’re not so good at and create a team that can help you with those issues while you do what you do best. Either way, looking within and deciding what areas you could use help with can help you decide if being part of an existing team is better, or if you’re ready to create your own.

— Teams should be Helping Up, not Help and Hope —

Being part of a team, if you’re joining or the leader, is about supporting each other to accomplish your common goals. Not every team is going to be together forever for many different reasons, but that relationship should be productive for everyone involved. Your team should share the same goals, the same values, and the same mindset for growth and advancement. If you’re the leader, you should be helping your team achieve the goals that they are striving for; if you’re part of a team, that team should be invested in helping you achieve your own goals. Actively helping up team members is the reason why agents come together. If your team is not invested in growth and advancement or helping and hoping it all works out in the end, it might be time to find a team that more closely shares your values.

— What to Consider When Joining a Team —

Here are some things to consider if you’re joining a team or you’re bringing someone onto your team:

  1. Have a Well-Defined Why: Why are we all coming together? What is the purpose of the team?

  1. Have a Well-Defined Goal: What does each of us want to get out of being part of the team? Knowing what the team goals are helps each of us know what our place in the team is meant to be.

  1. Understand the Role to be filled: What exactly will be expected of each of us on the team? What is the relationship we have to each other, and what can we expect from that relationship?

  1. What is the Expectation for Longevity: How long will we be with the team? Are agents expected to be in it for the long run, or is it a transitional role?

Remember, a team is a collaboration between individuals all working toward a similar goal. In a market as saturated with agents as this market is, being part of a team can help nurture those outside the box ideas that will give everyone the success they’re looking for.

“The biggest lesson that I've learned in building teams is, number one, they gotta be your people. So even if you meet people that you think should be on your team, and they check off certain boxes, but you don't feel like they're your people, you're not going to win with them.” - Steve

The other thing that I think is really challenging as a team leader is finding people that you want to help. But there's two kinds of help: there's helping up, and then there's help and hope. And help and hope never works. But when you find people that want help, and you can help them up, that's a really great win.” – Bernie

“You first have to get your internal support dialed in before you can go add other people to it. Because if you can't support those people when they come in, they feel lost.” – Steve

“If you're going to run a team, know what your vision is, know what your why is. Understand what your team culture is, and then start to figure out what you need to accomplish and how to reverse engineer that into the kind of people that you want to work with.” – Bernie

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