Episode 032 - Shit's About to Get REAL


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There are some big changes going on here at OTB behind the scenes. Steve is proud to announce that he’s started a new partnership with Real Brokerage, giving him a new place to hang his license and pursue new business opportunities. This change in business brings up a subject that all Real Estate agents eventually will go through: what does it mean to change brokerages and when does a move like that make sense?

Relationships, Leadership, and Resources

The simple truth about where you, as an agent, choose to hang your hat is personal preference about an organization’s potential for relationships, leadership, and what resources they offer. When you’re just starting out, how you prioritize these three aspects might be different than what you might prioritize if you were more seasoned. The importance you place on these three roles may change, but in the end you’ll still want to consider your personal preference in their importance.

Know Who You Are, Know Who You’re Not

Knowing who you are and understanding who you are not so important to understanding what you need from a professional relationship. Remember, with any move like this it’s also important to ask yourself ‘how is this a smart investment in my professional development?’ Have reasons for why you didn’t stay at one brokerage and think about how those reasons are answered by the new one. Don’t let flashy promises of quick money blind you to what is important to you and your future.

“At the end of the day, your brokerage is going to be your personal preference for reasons. And you're either moving away from something or you’re moving towards something, and you need to make that decision before you do it.” – Steve

“I think it's about getting specific about the things that you want instead of just talking about splits.” – Bernie

If it's working for you, and it's making you successful and it’s filling your cup, yeah, then stay there totally. But do not make changes based on money and splits because the grass isn't always greener on the other side.” - Steve

“Who are the people that you can really grow your business with that are also on the same side as you, right? You're in alignment in terms of your practice, and you can help each other and not like in this kindergarten manner, but more on an entrepreneurial level? Who are your power partners within that brokerage?” - Bernie

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