Thirst for Knowledge Cast: Episode 13 Rollin' West


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Eternal Weekend

Delver Everywhere

Protection from 2019 Walkers and forest cmc cards

HJ_Kaiser 4c Delver deck

Legacy thoughts
Inbred Delver dynamics: Greedy mana -> clean mana with stifle

Check out Lawrence’s article on patreon

Ban w6
If you want delver to not be a powerful deck regardless of the legacy meta then ban delver

SCG reddit comments


Veal of summer banned

Dovins Veto?

Black is on the menu - Discard got unbanned

Grixis Peezy?-Mention Ruggo

Lawrence Jumped in

UW Tempo

Esper Midrange?
Nexus-Is this deck dead?

Thoughts on the format

Decks I wanna try
Mono Green
Esper Hero
UW Control
Grixis Peezy

Curves suck?

Mono colored decks

Splashes not being worth it?

Esper hero?


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