Thirst For Knowledge Episode 11: Pull up on your block then I delver SLIDE


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The boys chat about the past week in Magic, the Legacy MOCS, Quarterly, and what's to come in the future

Legacy Mocs
Legacy quarterly

More and more stifle rug
Modern Open

Storm likely being the best deck is indicative of bigger issues within legacy

Stryfo pile primed to crush?

Surgical much less common

Sperlings resp to the ari lax tweet wrt taking the draw

Twitter questions
Discord questions

Steve S-Do you think Wizards is pushing the power level of cards not just because of Standard but because it encourages Modern and Legacy players to buy singles, driving sealed product sales?

Dylan H-When w6 was printed many people were thinking that it would best fit in a “lands” style deck weather it is aggro Loam, lands, or a KOTR deck. Like deathrite shaman it found its best home in blue decks. Do you think the ability to put cantrips around powerful cards is going to end up putting pressure on WOTC to ban a blue card like ponder, daze, or brainstorm? Especially if they keep their current design strategy up. This is great!!!!!Our discord is a great open environment

Colors of magic-

Community Legacy League
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Community Legacy League Discord

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