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Blade 4

Y’all play any Legacy?

Bant Oko nonsense

Stryfo Pile
Are delver mu’s 4 force matchups?
Forgot to board in Surgical

Missed 1 Drop Removal

Ironically Surgical kinda sux
Is Lands Miss built?

More Mazes?
Bad vs W6

Worm Harvest?
Abrupt Decay?

Once Upon A Time Delver?

Amulet is Dumb
Gonna Try praising the Karn Father


Thoughts on the new format
The Modern we always wanted?

1st challenge this weekend

What Lawrence is looking at `


Saheeli Cat RtR Control with Approach

Energy Nahiri based control

Marvel Emerge nonsense

Scarab Gawd G/B value stuff

MonoRedBeats Explore stuff

Atarka Red Jeskai Ascendancy

Prowess Phoenix

Aristocrats Oko still Broko

Dredge Jund Delirium w/Emrakul

CoCo Humans LootScooter the star MVP

Hardened Scales/Counters Mono Blue Tempo

Fires of Invention -approach ->second sun->dtt

PioneerDecklists-Arena Decklist peeps


PioneerCast- TheTannon and RossHunneds


What this means for the future of Legacy

Host your own events

Kill the reserve list

What this means for the future of Modern?

Ophidian- One topic that is important to me is building a local player base for legacy

lately all shops around have been struggling to fire

Dr.Rich Shay- Would RUG Delver be a good choice for Eternal Weekend?

Bhmtg1- Favorite meme deck in legacy

Harrison-Why are people still playing Jeskai Mentor?

New Patrons

Baiju B

James Hsu
Lawrence got his copy of the Humans of Magic Book!

If you’re a patron and not in our discord then

Social Media




Long rant not Mtg related but solid conversations

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