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Events this weekend

1)Star City Team Constructed

2)Star City Legacy Classic

3)MTGO Legacy Challenge

4)Eternal Weekend Asia need to translate

Last Legacy Deck Dump
Mention Anu’s coverage of the asian eternal weekend

Talking points during deck discussion

Discuss cards in winning decklist that are being played.

Crop Rot was in top 10 spells in many events

W6 was most played planeswalker

Merfolk placed 2nd?!?!?! Fluke or Metacall?

The Rise of RB Reanimator?

Delver should play 3 answers for lage

Tyrants Scorn

Edict effects are trash

Only losing to TNN out of delver shells
Stoneblade is the Tundra deck to play

Blade won the challenge again
Sevinnes Reclemation

Anu played it
Powerful with w6 Ult
Maybe there’s an esper blade list that can run it?

Where can they find us?

Lawrence Harmon

Steven Hendrickson

Kwame Gunn

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