Episode 197 - Nintendo E3 2021 Predictions!


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Hey everyone! It's almost that time of the year again when we finally hear about all the big new video games that Nintendo are cooking up, and we're here to prepare you all for the E3 showcase! But first we have some games to discuss. Both Bally and Nbz have been checking out The Wild At Heart, an indie take on Pikmin that is delightful. Nbz has also finished up the second Famicom Detective Club game, The Girl Who Stands Behind. After the break it is time to get into the E3 spirit by laying down some Nintendo predictions for the show and speculating about what they will announce, before closing with some listener predictions!
00:02:52 The Wild At Heart
00:22:40 Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind
00:35:34 E3 2021 Predictions
00:40:36 Bally's 1st Prediction
00:45:40 Nbz's 1st Prediction
00:50:42 Bally's 2nd Prediction
00:58:47 Nbz's 2nd Prediction
01:03:57 Bally's 3rd Prediction
01:10:35 Nbz's 3rd Prediction
01:15:19 Bally's WILD Prediction
01:19:55 Nbz's WILD Prediction
01:24:00 Listener Predictions
01:44:26 Outro
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