{wednesday rewind} no. 63 - The Juicing Episode


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Is juicing good for you? It’s a question often asked of dietitians, but can be met with mixed messages. Today’s episode on juicing unpacks the potential of juicing for health, addresses who benefits most and discusses what fruits & veggies are best to juice.

In this episode with Danielle Omar, author of Skinny Juices: 101 Juice Recipes for Detox and Weight Loss, we discuss:

  • common misconceptions about juicing for health
  • what’s better between juicing for health and blending whole fruits & veggies
  • whether or not there are nutrients in juice beyond the fiber content
  • the best fruits and vegetables to juice for health
  • tips for easing into a more veggie-rich vs. fruit-rich juice

(Here is the Breville juicer I have and recommend.)

I round out this episode with a continued discussion on juice, specifically clarifying misinformation about orange juice. As a result of my trip to Florida to visit with Florida Department of Citrus, I learned a few key pieces of information about 100% OJ that I’m sharing in today’s episode, including information on the health benefits hesperidin AND the observational data from studies that show 100% OJ consumption is actually NOT associated with weight gain.

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