Breaking Bison News: The National Bison Range, Revisited


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Last week, the National Bison Range in northwest Montana was returned to the people of Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

As part of the COVID relief bill signed into law at the end of December, the lands of the bison range were returned to the Flathead Reservation. There will be a two-year transition period as the management duties are passed off from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and after that, the CSKT will be the exclusive manager of the National Bison Range and this herd.

To make sense of this monumental change, we're re-broadcasting our episode on the National Bison Range from Season One of our show, "Heirs To The Most Glorious Heritage."

If you haven't already, listen to more of the story of the American bison in season one of Threshold.

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