Nehemiah 5: Be compassionate and generous as the LORD is compassionate and generous with you.


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Rev. John Shank of Trinity Lutheran Church in Edwardsville, IL joins Rev. Brady Finnern to study Nehemiah 5.

God’s people were struggling with famine, finances, and slavery. Nehemiah saw the sinful oppression and called God’s people to repentance. However, he did not just use words, but as governor he provided for the people, even with serving people at his own table. The LORD calls us to be generous and compassionate to others as He, in Christ, extends generosity and compassion to us. “O LORD, help us to be generous like Nehemiah, we do so because of fear of You, realizing that You are the most generous of all creation in Christ, we follow You and compassionately love and give to others. In Christ, Amen”

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