Who were the biggest roster snubs at Euro 2020, how will Konrad de la Fuente fit at Marseille, why is Sweet Caroline a soccer anthem, and more listener questions!


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It's listener question time! On this episode, Taylor, Ryan, Graham, and Joe answer your lovely questions, ranging from Euro 2020 roster snubs to Sweet Caroline to college soccer. You can find the full list of questions down below!

1) Why do national teams name preliminary rosters before tournaments?

2) How did "Sweet Caroline" become a soccer anthem?

3) What advantages (and disadvantages) would a national team have if all of their players played for the same domestic club?

4) Who was the biggest roster omission from Euro 2020 who could’ve helped their team?

5) How will Kondrad de la Fuente fit at Marseille?

6) Do national team mangers who managed in the domestic league harbor favorites or rivalries in their roster selections?

7) With college athletes now officially allowed to profit off their names, images and likenesses, how it impact college soccer?

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