Blogging for Tour Operators - Essential Blogging Guide for Tour Businesses Part 1


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Dorene Wharton of TravelLife Media returns to Tourpreneur today to share ideas and tips on blogging for tour operators. In part 1 of our blogging strategy for tour operators, she shares the foundational elements of creating interesting and compelling blog content. We also discuss why it’s crucial to overcome your fears and feelings of impostor syndrome when it comes to blogging. We discuss the questions you should ask yourself before starting a blog and why goal-setting and understanding your ‘why’ for your blog are critical for your success. We explain how you can use your blog posts as a jumping-off point for other marketing strategies like social media and content marketing. We discuss why it’s essential to identify your target audience and the value of discipline and consistency in producing your content. We also discuss what you should consider when troubleshooting low-performing blog posts, the importance of mentally preparing yourself for feedback and criticism from your readers, and the pros and cons of hiring a ghostwriter to write your blog content.

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