Self Guided Tours for Tour Operators- How Does the Questo Self-Guided App Benefit Tour Operators?


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Much has been written about self-guided tours for tour operators. Is it buzz? Is it hype? Are tour operators making serious revenue out of this or is self-guided yet another shiny object to tempt tour operators away from working on tour business fundamentals? I'm intrigued and I'm not ashamed to say this is a part of our industry that I don't really know much about. I experienced a self-guided tour, an audio tour several years ago in London and thoroughly enjoyed it. But I recognize that since 2018, a lot has changed with technology. And a lot of the functionality has advanced somewhat since then. So it's in that spirit that I've invited onto. today's show Alex Govoreanu the co-founder and CEO at Questo. His company offer self guided city exploration games for travelers and locals. Questo has just raised one and a half million dollars in series A fundraising. However, I didn't just want to have a chat with Alex about self-guided tours for tour operators. When I'm interviewing a guest for the show, I want to know what's in it for you, the tour operator. . So I invited onto the show, a gentleman I affectionately call Mr. Episode 8. Alan Rust! Alan is the Chief Experience Officer at America Tour Company. Alan is shopping around for a partner with self-guided technology for tours. So I thought, you know what, let's host a genuine, authentic conversation on the podcast. So in today's show, we can all learn a little bit more about what Questo offers, how Alex sees the world of self-guided tours and what questions does Alan, the tour operator has when he is looking for a partner in which to sell self-guided apps. And how does he feel Questo stacks up? Alan has spoken to quite a few self-guided providers out there, we will publish a follow up episode with Alan in a few weeks time to hear how he is getting on.shane

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