Improve your running technique - best advice from movement coach Shane Benzie (Running Reborn)


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Thrilled to announce that this Wed's 6:30pm guest is running technique and movement coach and researcher Shane Benzie with whom I made this very interesting film last year -

Uphill umph? Downhill dexterity? Energy efficiency? Shane Benzie from Running Reborn knows it all!

Shane's book, The Lost Art of Running is out now!

The Lost Art of Running: A Journey to Rediscover the Forgotten Essence of Human Movement



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Tonight's show will address these Patreon questions:

What can we learn from Shane's research of indigenous populations in Africa?

What's the most efficient running technique?

Should I change running technique if not currently injured?

How do I stop heel striking, and do I even need to?

What key things to focus on when fatigue and losing form on long runs?

What's the best running technique in mud?

If your upper body is twisting does that mean you have bad running technique?

Why is the edge of my trainer wearing out first?

Do we need to be concerned about the drop of a shoe?

Live analysis of a Patreon's running technique

How do you get people to buy into the importance of good running technique?

Shane's coaching workshops and 1:1 running technique analysis


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