Interview with Mimi Anderson - Ultra Runner, World Record Holder & Author


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Mimi Anderson began running at 36 very quickly discovery her love of running silly distances.

Mimi is a multiple Guinness World Record Holder taking part in races around the world running across Deserts, mountains, jungle, surviving the freezing temperatures of the Arctic and the extreme heat of Death Valley in America setting records and on occasions beating the men! As well as taking part in races Mimi enjoys organising her own adventures; in 2004 she ran from Paris to London starting with the Paris Marathon and finishing the 300 plus mile run with the London Marathon.

In 2014 Mimi ran 1,242 miles across South Africa and in 2017 ran 2,217 miles across America in an attempt to set another World Record that sadly was brought to an end due to injury. She is well known for taking on some of the worlds toughest races and not just doing them once but running back to the start once she has finished. Mimi has now embraced endurance cycling and has overcome her fear of water taking part in her first triathlon!​

Mimi’s book first book “Beyond Impossible” and her new book Limitless is available on Amazon: Originally on YouTube here:

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