Pennine Way FKT - Sabrina Verjee on the highs & lows of her' record (sound improves by Q3 sorry!)


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Pennine Way FKT - Sabrina Verjee on the highs and lows of her ladies' record. Thanks so much to the incredible Sabs for sparing the time for this awesome chat, sorry about the sound at the start, we had to get her to sit closer to the mic as she was just using an iPhone as she ran to work that morning so didn't have her heavier laptop. Keeping it real folks!

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Also if you hear a happy baby in the background, that is the new offspring of our other mad adventure racing friend Lucy. She popped round to Sab's work to do a night walk with her and say Hi to me before and after the interview as I haven't seen her during Covid so it was fab that they surprised me with this! Thanks ladies!


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