How I design new workshops w/ Jason Durkee


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Jason Durkee has been delivering learning and development solutions to clients in Japan for 28 years beginning in 1993 when he joined a startup as a corporate trainer.

He worked his way up from trainer to instructional designer to manager to director, then started out on his own working with direct clients.

In that time, Jason reckons that he has developed, co-developed or contributed to the design of 200 or more training programs.

How many learning programs have you designed?

How do you know whether your workshop or coaching program is the right thing aimed at the right audience?

In today’s episode:

How to research the training market

Why to create a minimum viable product

What to do to get client feedback early

How to get your first workshop to market

Why to involve customers in shaping design

Which testimonial to get from customers

What to do to launch your training product

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