Cultural Architecture and Hiring for Diversity with Brittany Hale


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It's no secret that the backbone of any organization is its people. Though they're the greatest asset of a company, employees are still treated indifferently.

The best investment you can make for your company is not automation, technology, nor data. It’s your people!

Join me in this episode as Brittany and I will talk about culture and how to change toxic company systems from within so that you’re people are empowered, engaged, and fulfilled in their work!

Brittany Hale is the founder and CEO of BND Consulting Group, a consulting firm with an emphasis on human-centered culture creation strategy.

If you’re serious on building an inclusive culture for your people to work productively while feeling empowered, then make sure you listen to this episode, as Brittany shares why investing in your people is a great ROI for any employer, and how leaders and employers can build an inclusive culture and support their employees and propel the company forward!

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Why diversity is a huge component to culture
  • Canceling toxic company cultures
  • Example of a toxic workplace culture
  • How to maintain a healthy culture when everyone is spread apart?
  • What it looks like to provide an employee care
  • The business case for diversity
  • How companies and organizations can get involved in social justice movements

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