Is Technology Making Us More Stressed?


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Technology has completely taken over our lives. It’s everywhere, and we need it more than ever, especially right now that we’re in the midst of a pandemic.

You can immediately access any information you need in just a matter of seconds through click or voice command. It certainly makes our personal and business activities easier and more efficient.

And I’m certain that you’re probably reading this and listening to this podcast right now through your smartphone or computer!

But we’re too dependent on it to the point that it has disrupted our flow, productivity, behavior, relationships, and health. Technology is not bad, but how we handle it is a problem. Technology is great, and all but being overly connected also has its adverse effects.

Lack of sleep, stiff shoulders, eye strain, fatigue, social comparison... these are some of the causes of overusing/ misuse of tech devices and social media.

How can we avoid these pitfalls programmed into modern technology use?

Join me in this episode as we learn how technology is hijacking our lives with Erik Peper and Richard Harvey! They’ll also provide practical tools to avoid falling into traps and prevent and lessen technological stress!

Erik Peper, Ph.D., is an internationally known expert on holistic health, stress management, biofeedback, and workplace health. He is also a Professor at San Francisco State University. While Richard Harvey, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Health Education at San Francisco State University and has published in biofeedback, stress and computer-related disorders, tobacco cessation, and the psychology of hardiness and courage.

They will discuss their book, Tech Stress: How Technology is Hijacking Our Lives, Strategies for Coping, and Pragmatic Ergonomics, and will share their thoughts on how modern technology is impacting our physical and emotional well-being and what we can do about it.

For people who’re working from home, or individuals who spend most of their time in front of a screen, I highly encourage you to listen to this episode and learn how to manage your technological stress, take control over your time and gain more productivity!

Grab yourself a copy of Erik and Richard’s Tech Stress: How Technology is Hijacking Our Lives, Strategies for Coping, and Pragmatic Ergonomics 👉 here!

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How technology is hijacking our lives
  • Strategies for coping and pragmatic ergonomics
  • Computer-related disorders
  • What led to Erik and Richard to write the book, Tech Stress
  • Are you hardwired to sit in front of a computer all day?
  • Helpful tools
  • Time pressure
  • Immobility and hypermobility: how much is too much when resting and moving
  • How to feel slightly less depressed and have more energy
  • The evolution of smartphones
  • The scuba diving analogy about how smartphones impacted our productivity and behavior
  • What is D O S E?
  • What is it about smartphones that capture our attention every single time?
  • How can we regulate smartphone access and focus on the task at hand?
  • How can we adjust our lifestyles so that we’re not connected 24/7 to the virtual world?
  • Why choosing when you do things matters
  • The importance of giving yourself permission to make mistakes and have fun

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