Tread Perilously -- Baywatch: Home Cort


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Tread Perilousy's month of Special Guest Grab Bag leads back to Baywatch and the first John D. Cort episode, "Home Cort."

John D. Cort returns to Baywatch for his obligatory ten-days of work to remain certified. But he's also in town to help Jack Burton (not that one) rescue some illicit computer parts from the nearby ocean. Cort brings his usual joie de vivre with him, much to Mitch's amusement. Unfortunately, trouble has also followed Cort back to Southern California. Will it lead him to stay in town or will Cort end up in a more "permanent" retirement?

Sarah Madden returns as Erik and Justin get lost talking about John D. Cort and actor John Allen Nelson. Erik recalls the film Navy SEALs. Sarah determines the premise of Baywatch -- although she has previously seen the show. Character actor Mickey Jones gets a shout-out. Justin associates magical powers with John D. Cort and gets mad when he discovers Nelson was never on Red Shoe Diaries. Erik credits Allison Pregler with a number of key Baywatch facts and terms. Justin accidentally creates The Cooler Chair. The group tries to determine if naming a character "Jack Burton" is a reference to Big Trouble in Little China or not. Speedos proves to be unpopular (unless worn by John Allen Nelson) and Justin once again stumps for She's All That.

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