Influence At The Customer Touch Points You Don’t Control #1335


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When it comes to delivering our customer experience, we focus a lot on the Customer Touch Points.

We want to Control every point where a customer comes into contact with our brand, our product, or our service.

It may be your website. Maybe your reception desk.

However, there are some touch points beyond our control, yet still very much a part of the customer's journey to experience our brand.

For example, the taxi driver that delivers your guest to your business.

Whilst it's not specifically part of your brand, it is part of your customer's experience.

You can't Control the taxi driver's service delivery, but you can Influence it.

It could be as simple just saying thank you to the driver. Or perhaps giving him a piece of candy or a gift voucher to say Thanks!

Over time, the word will get around that yours is a good place to drop passengers off.

The drivers will be happy to go there.

If they're happy, your customers will probably enjoy the trip.

And that can't be bad for your brand.

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